Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dorea Bonga: Korean restaurant

I have never felt so discrimated in my life before. It was the worst night with poor service from the restaurant and to me it's like " what kind of services is it.
Went to this Korean restaurant in Hartamas with my friend: Bonga and thought heh why not we pamper ourselves tonight with some good and happy food.
Went there waited for 15 minutes to have a place. ordered and waited. At first it was fine... food quality basically drop.... don't even mentioned about the service. It was the worst....
Took us half and hour just to ask for a refill on drinks and on the kimchis. The waiters just basically look at you and it's like as if we were transparent or either than that they are DEAF!!!!!

I am not going to bitch about the watermelon after that. To me it's just watermelon.... i can afford to buy from the shops... But it's just really discrimating as when they pass you back the change.. it was being hand to you just like that and they left.

Me and my friends complained to the management and we were also being ignored... Why? Is it becuase we were not Japs or Koreans? If you want to do business in malaysia, i believe that you should have some courtesy and should improve on your service.

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