Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Things comes, things goes. And sometimes it's just too much to handle. Life is a challenge. No matter how successful, admired, or beloved we are, some days are better than others and there are days that i wish that i am never borned at all. We hit walls we can't dig under of climb over. We get the flu and barf until we wish we could die, or break a leg, or get told that we have a horrible medical conditon that will shorten our life and reduce its quality.
People we trust betray us. Firends and family members die without our permission. The economy fluctuates, environematal disasters happens around without you knowing it. people suffers, people dies, and lousy weather provides us with plenty to complain about. How we deal with things we can't control determines our quality of life. Our character and attitude will make us or it could just break us.
Through our long and unpredictable lives, we experience ups and downs. Life is certainly astonishing how one second you can be up at the top, or be down in the dumpsters and the next suddenly you become invisible. Everybody experiences these highs and lows and the older we get, we realize that this is what life is all about. It's a battle, and if you win it, you will continue to conquer. But if you loose it, you will be a failure.
Gradually as we become wiser, we begin to understand that we need the bad in life to really appreciate the quality of good we have.
Dealing with life's ups and downs can sometimes make me feel as though I am working on a giant puzzle and i couldn't possibly fit the pieces together. There are times when we will scratch our head and start thinking, what is wrong and where does the missing pieces gone? Now i really understand that life is a struggle, and it will continue to work like a huge see-saw. Up - down, up - down and it will just continue and will not stop. There is no fairy tales in this world, and there is no promise of a great life and that everything will flow nice and easy. Nothing comes free in this world.
Many times in my life, I've thought, " How much more can i take? If someone doesn't come to my rescue, I'm at the end of my rope and I don't believe I can go on anymore. But somehow, i realized that my life is just not about me alone. It's about the people around me and it's about God. God gave me this life and he will decide when to end my life.
Nothing is easy isn't it. We don't just learn to walk when we are babies without falling. But the thing is whether we are able to learn to stand up after that. I have fall several time in my life, and it doesn't seems to stop at all, failures, heart breaks, sadness, tears. What else more? But of course thinking back, there are times where i do laugh, spend happy time with the people who appreciates and loves me.
When i grow older, i noticed that my circle of friends tends to get smaller and smaller, is because these are the people that are always there for me whenever i am sad and have always been supporting me all these while. To them, i say thank you and i will always appreciate for the things that they have done for me. Family, friends and god is always the most important thing in my life now. Without them, i could never continue in this battle.
This journey of life had made me stronger, gave me the will to not give up, taught me several lessons and i keep telling myself now that life goes on and i have to move on. If people hurts me, let them be, as they will face with the consequences twice worst. If people loves me and adores me, i will love and adores them twice as much as they do.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dorea Bonga: Korean restaurant

I have never felt so discrimated in my life before. It was the worst night with poor service from the restaurant and to me it's like " what kind of services is it.
Went to this Korean restaurant in Hartamas with my friend: Bonga and thought heh why not we pamper ourselves tonight with some good and happy food.
Went there waited for 15 minutes to have a place. ordered and waited. At first it was fine... food quality basically drop.... don't even mentioned about the service. It was the worst....
Took us half and hour just to ask for a refill on drinks and on the kimchis. The waiters just basically look at you and it's like as if we were transparent or either than that they are DEAF!!!!!

I am not going to bitch about the watermelon after that. To me it's just watermelon.... i can afford to buy from the shops... But it's just really discrimating as when they pass you back the change.. it was being hand to you just like that and they left.

Me and my friends complained to the management and we were also being ignored... Why? Is it becuase we were not Japs or Koreans? If you want to do business in malaysia, i believe that you should have some courtesy and should improve on your service.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Charice - Note To God Lyrics

I didn't know who Charice was when i heard this song yesterday in Oprah show. But this is one of the song which actually makes me cry from inside. I went to search about who this talented girl was and gosh!!!! what a surprise and little that i know about her.

ON first glance, Charice Penpengco looks like another teenager filled with energy and a wide and engaging smile. But when this 17 years old opens her mouth to sing- with a profound, rich and soaring 10 decibel voice, you will literally gasps. Well at least that was my first reaction when i saw and heard her on tv.

Charice is born and raised in the PHilippines and she is no newcomer to the stage. At age 7, CHarice was competing in local contest and singing songs by Whiteney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Heh... even i can't do that ok. She was first notice in You tube with a 13 million hits and the audience is still growing on her show.

Check her up in You tube and you will amaze.

Note to god is one of the song that i really love and i really felt my tears flowing down

Charice - Note To God Lyrics:
"If I wrote a note to God
I would speak what's in my soul
I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away
For love to overflow

If I wrote a note to God
I'd pour my heart out on each page
I'd ask for war to end
and for peace to mend this world

I'd say
I'd say
I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love, cause love is overdue
And it seems like so much is going wrong
On this road we're on

If I wrote a note to God
I'd say please help us find a way
End all the bitterness, put some tenderness
in our hearts

I'd say
I'd say
I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love, cause love is overdue
And it looks like we haven't got a clue
Need some help from you

Grant us the faith to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
Cause it seems like so much is going wrong
On this road we're on


We can't do it on our own


(Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love, cause love is overdue)
And it looks like we haven't got a clue
Need some help

Grant us the faith to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
Cause it seems like so much is going wrong
On this road we're on

(No) We can't do it on our own


If I wrote a note to God

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making decisions in life

What's the biggest decision you will ever make in your life? Yes.. Decision.

Making decisions is an extraorfinary function in our daily life. We have to face decisions every single minutes & hour. We make "yes" and "no" decisions all the time in our life. Possibly thousand in a given day. Have you ever considered what an incredible ability this is? Have you ever considered what life's most important decision is?

Decision making always requires options. We all have the ability to make a choice and it's remarkable. You grow up in your hometown and does not decide who you parentns will be, what city you will be raised in, what language you will speak. But as you grew older, you world of options increases. If you make through high school education, you can choose to enter the working world or go to colleage to get a degree. So which one would that be? If you study hard in college, then you will ge a degree and makes enough money, and might decide to leave your country and explore overseas.

Many things are forced upon us initially. Who our parents are, where we are born, what gender and race we are. But as life goes on, we learn that we can and must make choices, ones that involve multiple options. When we are young, our parents helps us to understand that we much make decisions in life, and that there are consequences to life's decisions. And we are always responsible towards our decisions.

People make decisions with regard to the options available to them. If they have no options, they don't have a decision to make. But if they have more than one option, a choice must be made.
Some decisions are more important than others. For example, our marriage partner is much more important than whether we has egg or toast for breakfast. It's more important because who we will marry has greater, more lasting consequences.

The importance of a decision is tied down to "what's the consequences", "what persons or things that decision involves".

To me, the most important decision i will ever make is what I will do with God. If God is who most people think he is, then God is the most important person in existence. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He is the one being who has always existed and is here to stay, no matter what.

If you decide to have western breakfast instead of chinese breakfast, that's no big deal. If you buy a plaid shirt instead of a solid red one, what does it matter, really? Making a decision of who you are going to be married to -- even though that's quite important, in the long run how important is it compared to whether or not you choose to be wed to God?

And that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in. For God has allowed us to say "I do" or "I don't" to him. We can enter the divine matrimony or reject it altogether. We can say "yes" or "no" to the God of all creation. And not deciding is actually a decision.

Now, consider, this is quite amazing. Imagine that you were loved and adored by the most beautiful, intelligent, witty, loving, and courageous man or woman who ever lived. This perfect person loved you dearly, with a sacrificial love, and wanted to be wed to you for life, actually for an eternity of marital bliss. What would you say? "I'm sorry. You're not good enough for me."

Yet that is the position that many people take with God.

If we ever wanted a relationship with anyone, it should be with God. There is no one better to have a relationship with. He's perfectly good, wise, loving, just, fair, respectful, honest and caring. It's like the most greatest moment in our lives. And yet we say to him, "Thanks anyway but...no thanks." When we make such a statement, are we saying that God is not good enough for us? Don't you think that it's too ironic?

But why reject him in the first place? Maybe it's that he's too intimidating. We think, "Who wants to be married to someone who's perfect? They'd be noticing my faults all the time!" But God doesn't ask us to be perfect, but merely to come to him in our imperfection. He even says he will remove our imperfections in the next life, so that we will be more like him.
Okay, then what is it? Why reject someone as awesome as God? God only knows. For each person, the reason may be different.

Think about it. God is God and we are not. We need him but he doesn't need us. He can exist without us. He always has. But we can't exist without him. We never have. And he knows that he is the best thing for us. He knows he's the most beautiful, intelligent, honest, loving, and caring person who ever lived. He knows that if we really submitted ourselves to having a relationship with him, it would be in our best interest. In fact, there is nothing that could be better for us.

Therefore, by all rights, he shouldn't permit us to decide against him. But he does. He allows us to say the big "no thanks." Even though, in truth, who are we to reject him?

God is always there for us, standing there waiting for us to receive him. Is there such person in this world willing to do that? But God shows mercy and grace. He is compassionate. He is patient. He knocks on the door of our hearts and waits for an answer. He allows us to make the great decision. So what is the decision going to be?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new NEW year experience

I have been spending most of my life celebrating Chinese New Year in hometown with family and friends. But this year is totally different. Last minute the whole family decided to spend the new year in Genting instead. At first, i was thinking that it was not a bad idea at all.. up on the hill with cooling breeze and just relax and spend some quality time with the family. At first i was complaining about not able to get the ang pows but heh... i think it turn out to be quite good, despite of putting on a few pounds with the good food and relaxing.

Came up during Friday on a limo with mom and dad, and heh it was a good experience cause i never been on a limo before. hahahahahah sounds so 'kampung' right. But that is the truth. It's the first time i had reunion dinner with hundreds of table in the convention hall with concert.. and there are a few more " first time experience"

It was not that bad actually despite of not able to meet the rest of the family and friends. But at least i manage to really relax myself with the cold breeze and a room to myself...

Friday, February 12, 2010

LIfe like a seesaw

IN Forest Gum the movie: it was stated that Life is like a box of chocolate. It's always feel with different choices, varieties of experience. But thinking deeply, Life is always full of ups and downs...

Ever look at a seesaw? I was looking at some kids playing in a playground, on a seesaw, and both of them taking turns flying through the air. One went up, the other went down. One stayed up, the other stayed down. Well maybe i am getting old now, and it just doesn't seems like fun to me anymore. It does not served as a lesson in gravity to me, instead it served as a life lesson.

Have you really looked at a seesaw? It's actually one of the simplest piece of equipment on the playground, but one of the most complex to operate.Without the proper balance on each side, the thing is basically not funtionable and it's useless.

Life is just the same. The concept of a well - balance life is filled with ups and downs, is just a simple notion, but somehow some of us finds it hard to grasp. A lot of us let too many things upset our life. Instead of being happy and healthy and joyful and blessed, we tend to let the other downs upset our life.

Partners, Material items, friends, work. All these are good when it's being kept in their proper perspective. But when your partner stops loving right, your job stops paying right, and your friends stop acting right, does that leave you in a tailspin? Are you the type of person that is dependent on so many people and things to "make" you happy that your day, your week, your month is ruined when things that you can't control go differently than you had anticipated?

Every aspect of life is a series of ups and downs. You have rain and sun, day and night, work and play. You get a job and you may lose it. You fall in love and then back out of love. One day may be full with energy, another full of challenge just to get out of bed. That is just the dependability of life. It;s always full of ups and downs. But how you handle them is really up to individual. It's always easy to deal with the ups in life as they are enjoyable and inspiring at times. But when we faced with the downs, we just seems to be lost and there are no more direction and somehow we will be blaming the universe, the people, the job, the stress and everything that comes in mind.

But remember this, when you are experiencing a down time in your life, it does not mean that you are living a bad life. You are not a victim nor do you have a black cloud over your head. Always step back and take an overall view of your life. Learned from both perspectives, it is in experiencing a mix of ups and downs that we gain greater enjoyment from the ups in life. We gain the assurance that we can withstand whatever the downs in life may bring.

So just relax, lay back and try to look at things in a different way, and who knows, you might end up getting the ideas of having a better life.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Finally!!!! i was so excited when i got this pair of shoes on Saturday!!!!! It's so colourful and only by looking at it, i can feel my day is going to fill with happiness and joy!!!! Thank you
to my dear friend. I feel so excited!! Don't ask me how much is it, but it's definately worth the price. Don't you think so? Isn't it adorable?
Wore it to work today and immediately everyone noticed about it and i was so proud to say that you can never get this outside in any shops cause it's a custom made . Sometimes i know that ppl will start complaining and asking me why shoes? and not bags or clothes.. Well, i seriously do not know. I just have this fetish towards shoes, everytime i pass by any shops, i just can't pull myself out and have to browse through. Shoes!!! It's like a new life and it will bored if you don't have anything new to wear. It's just a girl's thing. Every outfil will have to go with different designs and colours.....