Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Things comes, things goes. And sometimes it's just too much to handle. Life is a challenge. No matter how successful, admired, or beloved we are, some days are better than others and there are days that i wish that i am never borned at all. We hit walls we can't dig under of climb over. We get the flu and barf until we wish we could die, or break a leg, or get told that we have a horrible medical conditon that will shorten our life and reduce its quality.
People we trust betray us. Firends and family members die without our permission. The economy fluctuates, environematal disasters happens around without you knowing it. people suffers, people dies, and lousy weather provides us with plenty to complain about. How we deal with things we can't control determines our quality of life. Our character and attitude will make us or it could just break us.
Through our long and unpredictable lives, we experience ups and downs. Life is certainly astonishing how one second you can be up at the top, or be down in the dumpsters and the next suddenly you become invisible. Everybody experiences these highs and lows and the older we get, we realize that this is what life is all about. It's a battle, and if you win it, you will continue to conquer. But if you loose it, you will be a failure.
Gradually as we become wiser, we begin to understand that we need the bad in life to really appreciate the quality of good we have.
Dealing with life's ups and downs can sometimes make me feel as though I am working on a giant puzzle and i couldn't possibly fit the pieces together. There are times when we will scratch our head and start thinking, what is wrong and where does the missing pieces gone? Now i really understand that life is a struggle, and it will continue to work like a huge see-saw. Up - down, up - down and it will just continue and will not stop. There is no fairy tales in this world, and there is no promise of a great life and that everything will flow nice and easy. Nothing comes free in this world.
Many times in my life, I've thought, " How much more can i take? If someone doesn't come to my rescue, I'm at the end of my rope and I don't believe I can go on anymore. But somehow, i realized that my life is just not about me alone. It's about the people around me and it's about God. God gave me this life and he will decide when to end my life.
Nothing is easy isn't it. We don't just learn to walk when we are babies without falling. But the thing is whether we are able to learn to stand up after that. I have fall several time in my life, and it doesn't seems to stop at all, failures, heart breaks, sadness, tears. What else more? But of course thinking back, there are times where i do laugh, spend happy time with the people who appreciates and loves me.
When i grow older, i noticed that my circle of friends tends to get smaller and smaller, is because these are the people that are always there for me whenever i am sad and have always been supporting me all these while. To them, i say thank you and i will always appreciate for the things that they have done for me. Family, friends and god is always the most important thing in my life now. Without them, i could never continue in this battle.
This journey of life had made me stronger, gave me the will to not give up, taught me several lessons and i keep telling myself now that life goes on and i have to move on. If people hurts me, let them be, as they will face with the consequences twice worst. If people loves me and adores me, i will love and adores them twice as much as they do.

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