Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new NEW year experience

I have been spending most of my life celebrating Chinese New Year in hometown with family and friends. But this year is totally different. Last minute the whole family decided to spend the new year in Genting instead. At first, i was thinking that it was not a bad idea at all.. up on the hill with cooling breeze and just relax and spend some quality time with the family. At first i was complaining about not able to get the ang pows but heh... i think it turn out to be quite good, despite of putting on a few pounds with the good food and relaxing.

Came up during Friday on a limo with mom and dad, and heh it was a good experience cause i never been on a limo before. hahahahahah sounds so 'kampung' right. But that is the truth. It's the first time i had reunion dinner with hundreds of table in the convention hall with concert.. and there are a few more " first time experience"

It was not that bad actually despite of not able to meet the rest of the family and friends. But at least i manage to really relax myself with the cold breeze and a room to myself...

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