Sunday, February 7, 2010


Finally!!!! i was so excited when i got this pair of shoes on Saturday!!!!! It's so colourful and only by looking at it, i can feel my day is going to fill with happiness and joy!!!! Thank you
to my dear friend. I feel so excited!! Don't ask me how much is it, but it's definately worth the price. Don't you think so? Isn't it adorable?
Wore it to work today and immediately everyone noticed about it and i was so proud to say that you can never get this outside in any shops cause it's a custom made . Sometimes i know that ppl will start complaining and asking me why shoes? and not bags or clothes.. Well, i seriously do not know. I just have this fetish towards shoes, everytime i pass by any shops, i just can't pull myself out and have to browse through. Shoes!!! It's like a new life and it will bored if you don't have anything new to wear. It's just a girl's thing. Every outfil will have to go with different designs and colours.....

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