Friday, February 12, 2010

LIfe like a seesaw

IN Forest Gum the movie: it was stated that Life is like a box of chocolate. It's always feel with different choices, varieties of experience. But thinking deeply, Life is always full of ups and downs...

Ever look at a seesaw? I was looking at some kids playing in a playground, on a seesaw, and both of them taking turns flying through the air. One went up, the other went down. One stayed up, the other stayed down. Well maybe i am getting old now, and it just doesn't seems like fun to me anymore. It does not served as a lesson in gravity to me, instead it served as a life lesson.

Have you really looked at a seesaw? It's actually one of the simplest piece of equipment on the playground, but one of the most complex to operate.Without the proper balance on each side, the thing is basically not funtionable and it's useless.

Life is just the same. The concept of a well - balance life is filled with ups and downs, is just a simple notion, but somehow some of us finds it hard to grasp. A lot of us let too many things upset our life. Instead of being happy and healthy and joyful and blessed, we tend to let the other downs upset our life.

Partners, Material items, friends, work. All these are good when it's being kept in their proper perspective. But when your partner stops loving right, your job stops paying right, and your friends stop acting right, does that leave you in a tailspin? Are you the type of person that is dependent on so many people and things to "make" you happy that your day, your week, your month is ruined when things that you can't control go differently than you had anticipated?

Every aspect of life is a series of ups and downs. You have rain and sun, day and night, work and play. You get a job and you may lose it. You fall in love and then back out of love. One day may be full with energy, another full of challenge just to get out of bed. That is just the dependability of life. It;s always full of ups and downs. But how you handle them is really up to individual. It's always easy to deal with the ups in life as they are enjoyable and inspiring at times. But when we faced with the downs, we just seems to be lost and there are no more direction and somehow we will be blaming the universe, the people, the job, the stress and everything that comes in mind.

But remember this, when you are experiencing a down time in your life, it does not mean that you are living a bad life. You are not a victim nor do you have a black cloud over your head. Always step back and take an overall view of your life. Learned from both perspectives, it is in experiencing a mix of ups and downs that we gain greater enjoyment from the ups in life. We gain the assurance that we can withstand whatever the downs in life may bring.

So just relax, lay back and try to look at things in a different way, and who knows, you might end up getting the ideas of having a better life.

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