Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making decisions in life

What's the biggest decision you will ever make in your life? Yes.. Decision.

Making decisions is an extraorfinary function in our daily life. We have to face decisions every single minutes & hour. We make "yes" and "no" decisions all the time in our life. Possibly thousand in a given day. Have you ever considered what an incredible ability this is? Have you ever considered what life's most important decision is?

Decision making always requires options. We all have the ability to make a choice and it's remarkable. You grow up in your hometown and does not decide who you parentns will be, what city you will be raised in, what language you will speak. But as you grew older, you world of options increases. If you make through high school education, you can choose to enter the working world or go to colleage to get a degree. So which one would that be? If you study hard in college, then you will ge a degree and makes enough money, and might decide to leave your country and explore overseas.

Many things are forced upon us initially. Who our parents are, where we are born, what gender and race we are. But as life goes on, we learn that we can and must make choices, ones that involve multiple options. When we are young, our parents helps us to understand that we much make decisions in life, and that there are consequences to life's decisions. And we are always responsible towards our decisions.

People make decisions with regard to the options available to them. If they have no options, they don't have a decision to make. But if they have more than one option, a choice must be made.
Some decisions are more important than others. For example, our marriage partner is much more important than whether we has egg or toast for breakfast. It's more important because who we will marry has greater, more lasting consequences.

The importance of a decision is tied down to "what's the consequences", "what persons or things that decision involves".

To me, the most important decision i will ever make is what I will do with God. If God is who most people think he is, then God is the most important person in existence. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He is the one being who has always existed and is here to stay, no matter what.

If you decide to have western breakfast instead of chinese breakfast, that's no big deal. If you buy a plaid shirt instead of a solid red one, what does it matter, really? Making a decision of who you are going to be married to -- even though that's quite important, in the long run how important is it compared to whether or not you choose to be wed to God?

And that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in. For God has allowed us to say "I do" or "I don't" to him. We can enter the divine matrimony or reject it altogether. We can say "yes" or "no" to the God of all creation. And not deciding is actually a decision.

Now, consider, this is quite amazing. Imagine that you were loved and adored by the most beautiful, intelligent, witty, loving, and courageous man or woman who ever lived. This perfect person loved you dearly, with a sacrificial love, and wanted to be wed to you for life, actually for an eternity of marital bliss. What would you say? "I'm sorry. You're not good enough for me."

Yet that is the position that many people take with God.

If we ever wanted a relationship with anyone, it should be with God. There is no one better to have a relationship with. He's perfectly good, wise, loving, just, fair, respectful, honest and caring. It's like the most greatest moment in our lives. And yet we say to him, "Thanks anyway thanks." When we make such a statement, are we saying that God is not good enough for us? Don't you think that it's too ironic?

But why reject him in the first place? Maybe it's that he's too intimidating. We think, "Who wants to be married to someone who's perfect? They'd be noticing my faults all the time!" But God doesn't ask us to be perfect, but merely to come to him in our imperfection. He even says he will remove our imperfections in the next life, so that we will be more like him.
Okay, then what is it? Why reject someone as awesome as God? God only knows. For each person, the reason may be different.

Think about it. God is God and we are not. We need him but he doesn't need us. He can exist without us. He always has. But we can't exist without him. We never have. And he knows that he is the best thing for us. He knows he's the most beautiful, intelligent, honest, loving, and caring person who ever lived. He knows that if we really submitted ourselves to having a relationship with him, it would be in our best interest. In fact, there is nothing that could be better for us.

Therefore, by all rights, he shouldn't permit us to decide against him. But he does. He allows us to say the big "no thanks." Even though, in truth, who are we to reject him?

God is always there for us, standing there waiting for us to receive him. Is there such person in this world willing to do that? But God shows mercy and grace. He is compassionate. He is patient. He knocks on the door of our hearts and waits for an answer. He allows us to make the great decision. So what is the decision going to be?

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