Sunday, February 7, 2010

Past is just the past and don't worry about it again!!!

A thought or memory will sometimes pops into your head that you cannot get rid of it. You look through some old pictures and see some familiar faces and you will start thinking about past and what ifs. You hear a song that reminds you of the good times and your past started to haunt you. There are times when you are sitting quietly and reading, and then a familiar voice appears behind you. It's painful that you can't eat or even breathe, you just have to leave. What will you do... you will walk away but the feelings just stays with you. You feel that your past is just watching your every move, and you are too scare to look... It makes you paranoid, it makes you afraid to move forward. Which is silly!!!!! You know your past isn't waiting for you. YOU NEED TO MOVE ON!!!! Why do you want to look back then. So that you can try and get mad at yourself? So that you can start crying over it again?

But, at circumstances, you know that what you are mad at is just so far behind you that the energy you are exerting is futile. You know that you don't have anything to be afraid of. But then you will start questioning yourself what if? What if the past repeats itself? What if i don't have the determination to move forward? What if you are just waiting for it to happen all over again? Do you know when to stop before the damage? Do you know when to draw the line? Would it be too late? But the question is... if you don't move on... could you live with all the pain again and leave all the beautiful things in front of you fading away? PAST IS JUST A PAST! Never look back. Learn from your mistakes and never look back. Cause always remember that those are just histories.

Great things are waiting for you in future. Don't let your past keep you from moving ahead to reach the golden moments of your life. Appreciate with what you have now. Cause if you keep looking back, nothing is going to happen. You are not able to move on at all. Is it worth it? There might be better things waiting for you, but just because you don't dare to move forward and keep asking the question... you might just lose the chance, you are not able to get to the better life.

Whatever happened before, you are not able to count the scores anymore. Do not ask " WHAT IF" anymore. Just proceed with your life. Live it fully and have fun and start a new life. Don't ever think about the past, because what happened is already happened and it will not last. Your life is waiting for you, you have a lots of things to do. There is still a long way to go to finish your life, and you have many good things waiting for you to start. You can't let your past rip your present apart. So, erase everything from your mind. Your present is your life,,,, it's your life,,, It's your future to look forward to. Why do you want it to be dark. LIGHT IT UP!!! Why don't you be free... FREE YOURSELF!!! Free yourself from your past, cause it's just not going to last because life goes on too fast and you just can't stop now...

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